New D Series Gear Motor Excels in Demanding Off-Road Applications


new D Series cast iron gear motor provides a 276 bar [4000 psi] solution in a ductile, three piece housing, complete with an electrohydraulic proportional relief valve. Suited for heavy duty fan drives and powering work functions, from mining conveyors, road pavers and crushers to flail and side angle mowers, it perfectly complements the Sauer-Danfoss D Series cast iron gear pump.
“Many off-road applications are known for extreme performance requirements – like the ability to consistently perform under varying high load conditions and withstand dust, dirt and high temperatures. Enter Tier IV and Stage III B engine emission requirements,” says Jeff Brenner, Product Portfolio Manager, “and you have engines running at even higher temperatures, with greater need for cooling.”

The D Series motor is an excellent choice for variable speed fan drive systems. In addition to handling very high cooling demand, an EH proportional relief valve maximizes available machine horsepower by providing cooling only as needed. The electronic interface makes the D Series motor fully PLUS+1™ Compliant to integrate with PLUS+1™ microcontrollers and other compliant products including sensors and graphical displays.

Brenner continues, “With D Series motors, our focus is on four key product attributes: increased performance, efficiency, extended life or durability and installation flexibility.”

Increased Performance
The D Series motors exceed the capabilities of aluminum motors in applications requiring high pressure, 276 bar [4000 psi] vs. 207 bar [3000 psi], high temperatures and duty cycles. Fan speeds can be controlled to maintain optimum engine and hydraulic system temperatures. Fan reversing capability enables a radiator cleaning cycle. When used in conveyors, the D Series motors offer excellent starting torque to control the conveyor speed while optimizing feed rates and maintaining speed under varying load conditions.

Greater Efficiency/Extended Life
The use of the EH proportional relief valve makes fan drives up to 50 percent more efficient than direct or belt drives. In the remote possibility of valve failure, fan speed defaults to the highest setting to maintain cooling integrity. The D Series motors also incorporate high temperature seals and a dust resistant shaft seal which improve performance under extreme temperature and pressure conditions – and extend operating life. The bronze sleeve bushings in the front flange are lined with Teflon® PTFE, and provide increased radial load capability before requiring the use of outrigger bearings.

Installation Flexibility
The D Series compact design is 20 percent smaller than a conventional motor. Shorter length and consequent higher power density help to ease installation in tighter places. The side or rear port options come in a variety of styles, and add to greater machine design flexibility.

“Many benefits result from the D Series motors’ modular configuration, such as multiple installation options. Our intent is to maximize ways for OEMs to meet their most demanding machine design and operation requirements,” concludes Eric Slocombe, Product Development Engineer.


• Construction: Heavy duty ductile iron 3-piece construction • Displacements: 17 to 45 cm³ [1.03 to 2.75 in³/rev] • Pressure (continuous): 276 bar [4000 psi] to 32.8 cm³ [1.94 in³/rev] • Speed: 600 to 3400 min-1 (rpm) • Mounting: SAE-A, SAE-B, and specials available upon request • Shaft (types): SAE splined, keyed, tapered, and specials available upon request • Axial / radial load: Contact Sauer-Danfoss technical support • Fluid viscosity: 8 mm²/sec (cSt) [58 SUS] minimum, 1600 mm²/sec (cSt) [4700 SUS] maximum • Filtration requirement: 22/18/13 ISO 4406 at pump inlet • Back pressure: 276 bar [4000 psi] maximum • Fluids: Mineral-based and biodegradable fuids
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