New Design Features Improve Performance and Reduce Cost of Scara Robots


The new Yamaha YK500XG and YK600XG Scara robots offer design features that provide higher speed, tighter repeatability, and lower cost than previous 500 mm and 600 mm models. The combination of aluminum extrusions that ensure high rigidity and a direct drive method used for the Z and R axes have increased maximum speed of the coordinated X and Y axes approximately 45%, the Z axis 35%, and the R axis 95%. The overall standard cycle time has improved by about 20% while maintaining a 10 kg load capacity. A lightweight compact arm allows more freedom when designing a system. The weight of the main unit in these new models has been reduced about 20% and the overall height of the arm is among the shortest available. The positioning accuracy of the X and Y axes is +/- 0.01 mm.

Yamaha YK500XG and YK600XG robots are easy to use and easy to maintain. Since absolute type resolvers are used for position detection, no return-to-origin routine is necessary after restart, reducing startup time. Wiring and pneumatic connections can be made easily and neatly, using the cable and air tubes provided. The motor and speed reducer for the Z and R axes are directly connected without a belt, saving time normally spent on belt adjustments. The use of long-life grease eliminates the need for changing the grease. A choice of PC-based controller or conventional controller is offered to allow for a variety of programming.


• specifications: X axis • Arm length / Rotation range • 200mm / ± 130° • Y axis • Arm length / Rotation range • 300mm / ± 145° • Z axis • Stroke 200mm / 300mm • R axis Rotation range • ± 360° • Motor • X axis • ]400W • Y axis / Z axis / R axis • 200W • Maximum speed • X, Y combined • 7.6m/s • Z axis / R axis • 2.3m/s / 1.7m/s • Repeatability *1 • X, Y axis • ± 0.01mm Z axis ± 0.01mm • R axis ± 0.005° • Maximum payload • 10kg
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