New Design for Magnetic Cross-Belt Conveyors


Bunting® Magnetics Co. has developed an innovative new design for its’ Magnetic Cross-Belt conveyor product line. This new design features structural enhancements, an improved magnetic deep-reach circuit and tramp metal deflector shields that increase the protection of the belt.
“Whether you are recycling plastic, tire & rubber, wood, metals or e-scrap, these materials can be very abrasive on the belt and can easily get under the belt and onto the face of the magnet which can cause havoc,” stated Don Suderman, Bunting® Product Manager for Material Handling. “Our new design features UHMW wings that extend over the bottom side edges of the belt to protect it from tramp metal tears.”

Also, this new wing design seals the edge of the belt and keeps tramp metal from snapping to the side of the conveyor frame or getting under the belt. This protection against material getting under the belt reduces any hindrance to the operation of the conveyor. As additional protection, Bunting® has further surrounded the magnet being used with a heavy-box stainless steel frame.

“Within any recycling facility, our Cross-Belt Conveyors will make a large impact on the efficiency of the operation in that facility,” Suderman stated. “Our new magnetic circuit provides maximum separation effectiveness of tramp metal for municipal recycling and higher product purity in a shredding recycling operation.”

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