New Di-Pro Mold-Finishing Handpiece


(WHEELING, IL) – The new Di-Pro polishing/finishing system from Sweden’s Diprofil (distributed in North America by Engis Corp., Wheeling, IL) features a new patent-pending design that optimizes user efficiency and comfort.

Based on decades of experience producing finishing tools and systems, the Di-Pro design achieves an optimum balance and weight suitable for extended use with a variety of drive systems, including integrated air motor, flexible shaft (slip-joint or ball-joint), integrated micro-motor, and connections for the most common micro-motors of other brands.

For maximum efficiency and comfort, Di-Pro works best with Diprofil diamond tools including the DLA, DLE, DLF, DLM, and DBE types as well as selected Diprofil lapping and polishing tools.
The Di-Pro’s improved ergonomics do not sacrifice performance. At only 0.9 kg, maximum speed is 10,000 rpm at a 0-6 mm stroke length.

Engis Corporation is the leader in superabrasive finishing systems and has provided industries with finishing solutions, equipment, and abrasives for more than 60 years.


• Speed (maximum):10,000 rpm • Stroke length:0 - 6 mm (recommended 0.5 - 4 mm • Tool-holder:o 3.5 mm • Weight:960 g • Noise level:Not exceeding 75 dB Aat 6,000 rpm
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