Alemite recently expanded its line of diaphragm pumps with two new pumps aimed at applications requiring the transfer of large-particle fluids and high-volume transfer. Because diaphragm pumps handle solids with ease, both of these new pumps are ideal for transferring fluids with suspended solids, like sludge or slurry. In fact, both pumps can handle up to 90 percent solids, with particle sizes up to * inch (8209) or even * inch (8210). “These new diaphragm pumps are a natural extension of our existing line and allow Alemite to serve more fluid handling applications in more markets than ever before,” said Amy McGhee, product manager for Alemite. Applications include dewatering or slurry transfer for mining, draining accumulated water and trash in oil fields and sludge transfer in water/wastewater treatment facilities. With flow rates up to 155 gallons per minute (8209) or 230 gallons per minute (8210), these pumps offer a great solution for high-volume fluid transfer, such as tank draining or filling. The 8209 and 8210 feature the same reliable air valve and robust construction as Alemite’s other diaphragm pumps and offer durable all-aluminum bodies with bolted construction, Buna diaphragms and valve seats, and Teflon check balls for optimum performance and durability.


• Product No: 8206 • Description: FDA-Approved Diaphragm Pump • Body Material: 316 Stainless Steel • Diaphragm Material: Hytrel® / Teflon® • Check Ball Material: Teflon® • Air Inlet: 3/8" • Material Inlet / Outlet: 1-1/2" Tri-Clamp • Delivery: 35 gpm • Weight: 39 lb.
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