New Distribution System


Contrinex distribution systems provide a complete solution with a fixed, molded cable output, or can be used as pluggable elements. They are available in 4-way to 10-way version for S8 or S12 connectors. The product line also includes the high-quality, fully compatible quick-lock system as well as extremely rugged and tight metal connectors.

Contrinex distribution boxes are positioned close to the process, providing the wiring between sensors and control units using pluggable, pre-wired cables. They are designed for universal use in material handling, assembly and test systems, as well as robotics. LED indicators display operation and signal statuses, significantly reducing installation, start-up and maintenance costs.

S8 distribution boxes have an extremely narrow design – only 30 mm wide. Light and extremely compact, they can be used in situations where space is limited or on moving machine parts. They are fully potted and offer various mounting possibilities. The S8 range includes 4-, 6-, 8- and 10-way distributors with 3-pole sockets. They are available as a complete solution with an encapsulated cable or as components with a click closure hood that can be fitted without tools.

S12 distribution boxes are available in an assortment of 4- and 8-way versions specially suited for installation in conveyor and assembly applications, in testing systems and robotics. The very compact design and the standard 3-hole attachment method allow a simplified mounting in limited space situations or when dealing with moving machine parts. Various types of outlets enable selecting the best connection setup for each control system. The model with a connection cap is well adapted for complex installations where the cable length can be an issue.

For difficult environments, Contrinex offers rugged, fully potted metal S12 distribution boxes in 4- and 8-way versions. Available either with a pre-wired cable connection or with the M23 plug connector, these temperature resistant devices are not affected by coolants, lubricants or detergents and, due to their high tightness, can also be used in wet environments. AISI 303 stainless steel models, suitable for rough site conditions as well as for the food industry, are corrosion resistant and comply with degree of protection IP69k.

Contrinex connectors with the new quick-lock system cut down installation time by up to 80%. This system is fully compatible and interchangeable with standard sensor types and they comply with degree of protection IP 67. The quick-lock plugs come in straight and angular versions with or without LED.

Our connector line also includes AISI 303 stainless steel models that are suitable for rough site conditions as well as for the food industry. These metal connectors are corrosion resistant and completely tight (IP 68 and IP 69K).

CONTRINEX has manufactured inductive and photoelectric proximity switches since 1972. It specializes exclusively in the development, manufacture and sales of positioning sensors for industrial use. All departments and management levels in the company’s management system are ISO 9001:2000 certified.
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