New Ductile Iron Flanged Butterfly Valves


Glens Falls, NY- Danfoss Flomatic Corporation has introduced Model AZURE™ AWWA Butterfly Valves.

These new ductile iron flanged butterfly valves compliment Danfoss Flomatic’s popular Sylax® series lug and wafer style butterfly valves. The Model AZURE™ is designed to ANSI/AWWA C504 Butterfly valve standard, is available in a size range from 3” thru 30” and with high flow capacities as a major priority. The concentric high strength ductile iron disc with, stainless steel edge seating, provides minimal pressure drop with low turbulence. On the 24” and smaller design, Danfoss Flomatic’s AZURE™ utilizes a lens shaped disc provides the smallest protrusion possible in the flow stream. The valve seat is simultaneously bonded and vulcanized to the valve body. The entire interior waterway of the valve body is rubber-lined to prevent corrosion and will extend service life. On 30" and larger valves, the seat is adjustable and replaceable in the field without the use of special tools.
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