New Energy-Saving T5 High-Output Lamps


Shat-R-Shield, the leading and largest manufacturer of shatter-resistant lamps, proudly introduces their line of safety-coated, 49-Watt T5HO fluorescent lamps.  As standard T5 high-output lamps gain popularity in retro-fitting projects, Shat-R-Shield now offers a  reduced wattage, longer-life model for enhanced ecological and energy efficiency. “Up to 50% energy savings can be achieved by using 49W T5HO lamps over typical metal halides          in high-bay applications,” said Shat-R-Shield president, Karen Ponce.  “Without sacrificing lighting   performance, this exceptional series of T5 lamps offer our customers tangible energy savings while reducing impact on the environment.”

There is an instant reduction of 5-Watts when comparing the new 49W T5HO to standard 54W T5HO lamps.  The estimated energy savings over the longer rated-life (up to 35,000 hrs.) is $17.50 per lamp     @ $.10/kWh.  By extending the relamping cycle, additional savings will also result from reducing maintenance and recycling costs.  Shat-R-Shield 49-Watt T5HOs also feature the lowest mercury      content in the industry: 1.4 mg.  Benefits of enhanced lighting performance include high color rendering, exceptional lumen ratings, and a range of color temperatures.

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