New FAS SPrint SidePouch™ Bagging System Offers Speed and Versatility for High Productivity Food Applications


The FAS SPrint SidePouch features a conveyor of pre-opened bags ready for immediate loading from a 60 inch wide load area. After bags are filled, the conveyor carries them through an automatic bag sealing operation and then dispenses them for outfeed conveyors or bulk packaging. The system can be easily integrated with a wide range of infeeds and washdown-compatible inline printing equipment for semi- to fully-automatic packaging of portion or bulk packs. Product changeovers are fast and easy with the operator-friendly AutoTouch™ Control Screen, which stores settings for up to 50 jobs.

The stainless steel construction, one-touch clean-out switch, and 90 degree tilt action make the FAS SPrint easy to clean. This rugged design incorporates corrosion-resistant materials and NEMA 4 electronics protection to ensure safe and reliable operation.

“The entire system has been engineered and optimized for food packaging applications,” says Tim Groff, Director of Marketing. “The unique design makes bag loading fast and efficient for high productivity environments.”

Automated Packaging Systems also manufactures genuine SidePouch™ bags, which are available in a wide range of sizes and with a variety of special features, such as reclosable zippers, resealable flaps, easy-open perforations, and tamper-evident seals. These system-matched bags come in several different materials that can be pre-printed with high-resolution graphics, text and barcodes – making them ideal for retail and wholesale food applications.

This system incorporates many of the company’s next generation technologies for enhanced reliability and maximum uptime. On-board system diagnostics help troubleshoot potential problems and keep the system running reliably. All of Automated Packaging Systems’ products are backed by a nationwide network of factory-direct field service engineers.


*Weight: 400 lbs. (181 kg) *Electrical: 115/230 VAC; 50/60 Hz *Air Feed: 60 psi of clean, dry air *Length: 168 in. (427 cm) *Height: 36 in. (91 cm) *Depth: 32 in. (81 cm) *Pass-Through: Up to 5 in. (Up to 12.7 cm) *Bag Thickness: 1.5 to 4.0 mil *Bag Sizes: W 2.63 to 20 in. L 3 to 18 in.
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