Select-Arc, Inc. has introduced two stainless steel, composite metal cored electrodes designed to weld ferritic stainless steels containing 18% chromium. Select 439C-Ti and Select 18CrCb-C represent excellent electrode options to fabricate exhaust systems. Select 439C-Ti welds with a minimum of spatter with literally no burn through on thin material. It provides a stable arc transfer, even at relatively low current settings. Titanium stabilization imparts outstanding resistance to sensitization, which reduces the chances of stress corrosion cracking when welding over lubricants, oils and other hydrocarbons. Select 439C-Ti offers tremendous productivity-enhancing advantages over solid wires when welding on areas of poor fit up, on thin materials and on welds where gaps must be bridged. Select 18CrCb-C exhibits improved corrosion and oxidation resistance at higher temperatures and is stabilized with columbium (niobium) to prevent carbide precipitation and subsequent sensitization cracking in the microstructure. It features benefits similar to Select 439C-Ti when compared with solid wire. Both Select 439C-Ti and Select 18CrCb-C are superb choices to weld exhaust system components such as mufflers, manifolds, catalytic converters and exhaust tubing. Select 18CrCb-C can also be utilized to weld thin stock and sheet steel of the same composition.


• Diameters: .045", .052", 1/16" • Shielding Gas: 98% Ar/2% O2, 35-50 Cfh • Welding Positions: Flat And Horizontal
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