New Floor Coating for Static-Controlled Environments


Tennant Company (NYSE: TNC), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of surface maintenance equipment and coatings, today announced the introduction of a floor coating system for static-controlled environments. The Tennant Eco-ECT floor coating is an environmentally friendly topcoat that can be used in conjunction with the Tennant Eco-EDP electrostatic dissipative primer or the Tennant Eco-ECP electrostatic conductive primer. “The Tennant Eco-ECT coating is ideal for electronics or other industries where static discharge control is required as the coating protects equipment, people, and products,” said Mike More, group marketing manager with Tennant Company. “This coating is a powerful option for clean rooms, processing rooms, avionics areas, hangars, quality control rooms, and more.” Designed to be part of a company’s total static control solution, the Tennant Eco-ECT coating protects equipment, people and products by dissipating potentially harmful static electricity for the life of the coating. In addition, Tennant Eco-ECT improves the appearance of floors with increased light reflectivity and is easy to maintain, which helps to reduce overall maintenance costs. Part of the Tennant Eco-Advantage® family of coatings, Eco-ECT, like the other coatings in the Eco-Advantage family, are known for being environmentally friendly, meaning they: require less solvent, which reduces evaporation and contamination; are essentially odor-free, which assists with indoor air quality; and contain a maximum VOC level of 250 g/L, which supports architects and designers in gaining one Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credit (Eco-ECT has a VOC level of just 13 g/L).
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