New Fluke 233 Wireless Digital Multimeter


What if, as an electrical professional, you could take a clamp-on ammeter reading using your digital multimeter (DMM) with the disconnect door or MCC cubicle door closed? What if a DMM voltage reading could be taken outside of both the Flash Protection Boundary and the Limited Approach Boundary? Imagine observing a specific PLC input on the input card while standing thirty feet from the PLC to operate a pushbutton at the equipment control station? How many times have you said, "If I only had a third hand." If that were true, how much easier would it be to read your DMM? And, how much safer?

Using infrared technology, the new Fluke 233 True RMS DMM allows observing and recording data up to thirty feet from the location of the test probes and meter body, thanks to its remote display being easily detachable from the meter body. Moreover, the strongly magnetized strap for the meter and the separate magnet in the removable display allow for convenient location of meter components to readily facilitate readings.

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