New GORE™ Protective Vents for Acoustic Applications


W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., has added two new GORE™ Protective Vents to its product line for acoustic applications. The GAW324 and GAW325 vents contain a new material designed specifically to minimize the amount of sound transmission lost through audio port coverings. Like other GORE™ Protective Vents used in acoustic applications, the GAW324 and GAW325 meet dust and immersion requirements of IP67.
Portable electronic devices such as barcode scanners, two-way radios and MP3 players are often used in harsh environments, and they must be able to withstand exposure to inclement weather, dust, dirt, and common household liquids. Without compromising the sound quality of the device, GORE™ Protective Vents provide a barrier against contaminants that can damage sensitive electronics and acoustic transducers. The GAW324 vent provides protection against water, while the GAW325 provides oleophobic, or “oil-fearing,” protection against liquids such as oils, soaps, and alcohols.

Made of a unique expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) membrane, GORE™ Protective Vents prevent water and most environmental contaminants from entering the device through the acoustic ports in the device housing. According to Jason Zambotti, application engineer at W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc., “The microporous structure of ePTFE enables sound waves to transfer in and out of an enclosure, but it has a low surface tension that prevents water and most environmental contaminants from entering, which eliminates potential damage of sensitive electronics. Using GORE™ Protective Vents also reduces the possibility of condensation buildup inside the housing, because water vapor can escape through the microporous membrane in the vent. So our customers can be confident that their product will perform reliably without losing sound integrity.”

GORE™ Protective Vents used in acoustic applications are available in a variety of sizes and forms. Pressure sensitive adhesive provides a quick and simple installation method on a wide variety of enclosures.
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