New Guide To Pipeline Strainers Available From Eaton


Eaton Filtration's new Guide to Pipeline Strainers describes how these "coarse filters" protect expensive pipeline system components from damage through removal of particulate matter from the process media. Pumps, valves, meters, nozzles, and other process equipment can be protected from damage and downtime with an Eaton Pipeline Strainer.

This comprehensive guide provides an overview of various available Simplex, Duplex, Y Type, and Automatic Self-Cleaning Strainer models along with either a photograph or a cut-away illustration. Standard features and available options are clearly shown in easy- to-read tables. Eaton Filtration's new Guide to Pipeline Strainers also contains a Selection Chart for each model of strainer that shows available sizes, materials of construction, end connections, seals and pressure ratings at a glance. These charts make it easy to choose the right Eaton Pipeline Strainer for a particular application.

Cv Factor charts in the new Guide to Pipeline Strainers make it easy to determine the performance of a particular strainer, or to compare its performance to another type of strainer. These charts do away with older, hard-to-read line graphs that were used in the past to show pressure differential.

The Technical Data section of Eaton Filtration's Guide to Pipeline Strainers makes the process of determining the actual working pressure differential of any Eaton Strainer easier no matter what type of liquid is going through the strainer or what type of strainer basket is used. The process is explained in easy-to-understand terms with numerous examples. No complicated math or calculations are needed.

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