New Hardsurfacing Electrodes Resist Wear and Impact


Select-Arc, Inc. has introduced two hardsurfacing wires which are designed to resist abrasion under rugged conditions.

SelectWear 50 is an open arc, medium chromium carbide alloy with a weld deposit that exhibits resistance to both moderate wear and impact. Multiple pass applications are possible depending upon the specific application. This electrode’s deposit stress relieves itself by crack checking.

SelectWear 52W is designed to deposit a martensitic alloy similar to an H12 tool steel. Available in a gas-shielded or an open arc version, this electrode provides excellent abrasion resistance and high hardness without stress relief crack checking. SelectWear 52W also offers good resistance to high compressive loads.

SelectWear 50 is a superb choice for hardsurfacing welding applications such as rock crushing hammers and rolls, impactor bars, gyratory mantles, dredge components, augers and pug mill paddles. SelectWear 52W is utilized for demanding applications which include steel mill edger rolls, work rolls, leveler rolls and blast furnace bell seat areas.
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