New Heavy Duty Tilt Trucks Boast Up To 100% Increase In Payload Capacity


Ashtabula, OH: A new line of heavy duty tilt trucks from material handling product manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., Ashtabula, Ohio features a breakthrough design that increases payload capacity by up to 100 percent to 2,000 lbs. vs. the company's classic tilt truck line. Designed with advanced 3-D modeling, the rugged H Series tilt trucks boast dual reinforcing braces set near the upper rim and at the mid-section to strengthen key load bearing areas. By accommodating the increased payloads, the tilt trucks permit the collection of up to twice the weight of material in the same volume as the established MOD S Series without bulging or cracking.

Developed for the collection and transfer of laundry, linens, waste, recyclables and other materials, the heavy duty tilt trucks are rotationally molded in a single piece of polyethylene for structural strength and virtual immunity to rain, snow, sunlight and cleaning chemicals. The tilt trucks are set on full perimeter, powder coated steel underframes atop four industrial strength casters and nest when empty. A wide range of accessories, colors and custom options are available.
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