New, High Performance, Portable Infrared Thermometer with Type K Thermocouple Input and USB Data Output


Wahl Instruments Inc. announces the addition of the Heat Spy® DHS215XEL to its line of compact, hand-held, non-contact, infrared thermometers. The DHS215XEL provides the user with a completely portable, easy-to-use, cost-effective, and accurate means to measure surface temperatures in a wide variety of applications including quality/non-destructive testing, manufacturing process control, plant/facilities maintenance, electrical troubleshooting, automotive repair and diagnostics, diesel and fleet maintenance and HVAC/Refrigeration.

The DHS215XEL features an adjustable emissivity setting, a temperature range of –58ºF / 1832ºF (-50ºC / 1000ºC) and includes a type K thermocouple ANSI mini-jack input and 4 digit backlit dual LCD display for measuring and displaying non-contact and contact temperatures in ºF or ºC simultaneously. A selectable On/Off laser sighting system and a distance-to-target ratio of 50:1 allows users to measure smaller targets from greater distances.

Unit holds and logs measurements to memory, can display minimum, maximum, average and delta temperature, and includes a settable HI/LOW audible alarm. Data can also be sent to a PC using the USB connection and supplied software. Additional features include an electronic trigger lock for continuous temperature scanning and an auto power off feature to extend battery life.

Standard accessories included with the DHS215XEL include: 9V battery, user manual and software CD and carrying case. A selection of attachable hand held, type K thermocouple probes are available as an optional accessory.
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