New HSC Toolholding Systems


Accelerated machining requires solutions for faster tool change. Advanced Machine & Engineering, under the OTT-JAKOB brand name, meets these requirements with its new HSC-clamping units, rotary unions and unclamp units. These fast-working, automatic clamping systems are provably more accurate than most brands on the market currently and offer more rigid and universal performance than conventional systems. High-speed operations require faster turning spindles at a shorter overall spindle length. AME has developed easy to handle unclamp units which minimize maintenance time. The short unclamp unit, with a total length of 59mm, is available with or without a rotary union. Unclamp units with analog sensors for integrated clamping stroke monitoring are now available, as well. The single passage rotary union features permanent seal contact between the stationary connector and rotating spindle, minimum volume lubrication with externally mixed aerosol possible and hybrid bearings sealed against contamination with labyrinth packing.
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