New illumination system aids inspection of reflective surfaces


Moritex  has announced the new NPI Series Quartz Rod Line illumination system.

Uniform lighting is a critical part of any vision related line-scan application. When studying reflective surfaces under LED line or fibre-optic illumination - camera performance is impaired by light source reflections that arise as a result of the inherent variance of light intensity.
Using proprietary internal reflection technology the NPI system generates an extremely uniform line of light making camera inspection of reflective surfaces routine and reproducible. In the NPI system light from a traditional cold light source (halogen lamp, metal halide lamp) is directed onto the end of a silvered quartz rod by means of a condensing lens. The resultant emitted light is not only extremely even but also considerably brighter than that achievable using LED or Fibre optic lighting adapted with diffusers to achieve greater uniformity.

Comprising just a light source and the innovative quartz rod illuminator the NPI system is simple to set-up and very easy to maintain. The quartz rod illumination system can be adapted to provide continuous, even lighting over long lengths of surface at a competitive price.

Benefiting from more than 25 years experience and expertise in the creation, manipulation and control of light Moritex has the expertise and comprehensive product portfolio to help customers select the correct components to achieve an optimised imaging solution for their vision application.
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