New Keyless Ignition System


KEYTROLLER, LLC. introduces a new KISS (Keyless Ignition Simple System). KISS eliminates ignition key with one lighted START/STOP button. The button is enabled with operator’s company RFID card. Operation is simple, just flash card over dash, button is illuminated green if card is accepted --press lit button to start engine and press again to stop. Alternatively the device can be wired to just enable the ignition key further improving security.

The economical and simple K ISS system joins the company’s popular keypad and LCD vehicle monitoring ignition systems. Designed for simplicity and ease of installation, it can be mounted to any internal combustion or electric vehicle.

The KISS system consists of:
1) RFID reader module---easily hid behind any plastic or fiberglass dash
2) PCB module---mounted under dash
3) Illuminated button---mounted in a hole in the dash
4) Relay module--- connected to vehicle ignition switch or anti-theft wireless relay connected ignition circuit.

Optional: Advanced feature PCB module includes: real time clock, usage event logging, hour meter and wireless data transmission.

Three KISS lighted button options are available:
1. Indoor rated lighted ring
2. Outdoor sealed piezo with Green/Red LED
3. Outdoor sealed piezo with Green/Red Ring

Two K ISS RFID readers are available:
1. 13.56 MHz standard
2. HID-Prox

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