New Lever Start Pneumatic Screwdrivers


A new series of twenty-two precision air screwdrivers for assembly has been announced by the ASG division of Jergens, Inc. The new Torq2™ lever start drivers are available in either inline or right angle configurations, with torque ranges from .86 lbf•in to 156 lbf•in. A patented clutch design automatically stops the tools when designated torques are reached. Torques can be adjusted by authorized personnel via a torque nut. Anti-tamper covers are provided. The drivers have a value-engineered design that delivers outstanding performance at moderate cost.

The new drivers feature an ergonomic design to provide extra operator comfort with gripping power. The sculpted thermoplastic elastomer housings have been designed to deliver balanced, non-fatigue performance. Most drivers come with a series of five color-coded caps, which can be interchanged for quick operator visual reference of a driver’s torque and reduce tampering. The drivers come standard to accept ¼" hex bits.

The ASG division also announced a complete line of accessories related to the new air drivers, including filter/regulators, lubricators, reels, holsters and quick connects.

ASG provides a full line of equipment and systems for precision assembly work, including electric torque-controlled drivers, torque testing equipment and assembly production aides.
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