New Lighter, Faster, and Stronger DC Electric Fastening Tool


Stanley Assembly Technologies introduces the new EA series tools to its QPM lineup of DC electric threaded fastening tools. High-performance, lightweight, flexible, and powerful, EA tools are built with higher-power motors and compact housings that yield best-in-class performance for tightening torque ranges from 2 to 120 Nm.

“EA tools have a power-to-weight ratio that is unrivaled in the DC electric tools market,” stated Doug Versele, Global Product Manager of Stanley Assembly Technologies. “And the QPM Parameter Wizard with Adaptive Tightening Control (ATC) makes this the fastest and easiest setup of any DC system — period.”

Features of the EA tools include:
--Brushless DC servomotors that generate maximum power and acceleration from minimal size and weight to obtain first-class power-to-weight ratios
--Angle-style EA tools, which use Zerol® spiral bevel gear geometry to build in durability and high performance
--Lightweight, ergonomic handle with multiple light sets for 360-degree operator viewing

Long life, fewer failures, high performance, and modular ergonomic design all contribute to a lower total cost of ownership and increased productivity.

Stanley Assembly Technologies provides solutions to the global assembly market, including the motor vehicle industry. Core solutions include high-performance Stanley® DC electric and pneumatic tightening tools and controllers, conventional pneumatic articulating arms, torque tubes, and Cobotics™ Intelligent Assist Devices for ergonomic material handling.

The Stanley Works (NYSE: "SWK") is a worldwide supplier of consumer products, industrial tools, and security solutions for professional, industrial, and consumer use. Consumer products include hand tools, mechanics tools, tool storage, and hardware. Industrial tools include fastening systems, auto assembly tools, storage systems, professional laser measuring and leveling tools, and hydraulic attachments. Security Solutions includes the integration and supplying of security systems and access control solutions, including automatic door and locking systems for commercial applications.
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