New Line of Durable Nylon Wall Plates


MILFORD, Conn. – Engineered with an innovative rib reinforcement manufacturing process, Bryant’s new line of nylon wall plates combines the rigid characteristics of popular thermoset with the virtually unbreakable characteristics of nylon. The new Bryant units have been designed to be the most durable wall plates on the market for industrial, commercial and residential applications.

Offered in a variety of colors to match virtually any setting, Bryant’s new line also comes in a wide range of configurations to meet any electrical application. Other features and benefits include:
  • All single gang plates, along with decorator style plates up to six-gang, come with pre-inserted captive screws helping to eliminate lost screws and to make installation faster and easier.
  • A smooth, gloss finish makes the plate aesthetically pleasing while keeping it easy to clean.
  • Slightly rounded corners provide an updated look that blends well with any wall surface.
  • Slightly extended dimensions (1/16” on each side) provide for a more forgiving cover for oversize holes while giving the appearance of a standard-sized plate.
  • A depth of 0.25” accommodates “rework boxes.”

Bryant’s new line offerings are designated by new catalog numbers that carry an easy to understand and meaningful logic to make the units simple to identify. The use of an “NP” prefix also readily identifies the product as a “Nylon Plate.” Yet the configurations will still carry the traditional numbering system long established by the industry (e.g., “1” for switch opening, “8” for receptacle). Bryant’s former plate offerings will remain available, while quantities last, until October 31, 2006. After this date, all orders placed under the old catalog logic will be automatically converted to the new plate SKUs.

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