New Line of Hydraulic Dampers


ACE Controls announces the introduction of a new line of maintenance free, self-contained hydraulic dampers. Body diameters range from 15 mm to 40 mm with stroke lengths of up to 800 mm.

These versatile dampers feature single or double acting designs. The travel speed can be easily adjusted and remains constant throughout the stroke. Adjustment is achieved by pulling the rod out fully and turning it until the desired damping speed is attained. A variety of end fittings and mounting brackets are available for ease of installation.

ACE Hydraulic Dampers offer a 250,000 plus cycle life and meet customers needs for quick delivery.

Application industries include: medical, defense, packaging, bottling, printing, fitness equipment, transportation, lawn equipment, furniture, RV, amusement and more.

Select applications include: machine guards, drilling and tapping equipment, safety doors,
pick and place operations, swinging loads, tooling fixtures, lids and slides.

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