New Line of Linear Actuators


Pacific Bearing Company is pleased to announce its new line of linear actuators for easy, accurate, and high speed linear motion. With three different styles available, each actuator provides smooth and quiet linear guidance for a wide range of applications. Styles feature ball screw, lead screw, or belt drive options with each individual actuator having its own strengths and predisposition for certain applications.
PBC’s new actuator line consists of the PL™, MT™, and MX™ series actuators. With each line of actuators aligned to fit different applications, the PL series is a low cost, highly accurate, easily mountable way to achieve linear motion applications. The MT actuators are the most versatile, available not only in different drive configurations, (including a vertical configuration) but different sizes as well. The MX series’ robust design allows for high load capacity travel at high speeds. All three styles work in a multitude of environments, carry t- slots which allow for easy mounting, and are highly dependable.
These new linear actuators make up one of the seven new product categories recently introduced by PBC in order to provide a way for repeatable, accurate, and versatile linear motion. As development on these products continues, PBC will be introducing future options; such as offering the new Integral V technology in the PL and MT series actuators to ensure smooth and accurate travel.

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