New Line of Multi Stage Lift Tables


Advance Lifts, Inc. of St. Charles, Illinois has developed a new lift line featuring 40 models of multi stage lift tables with travels up to 12 feet. This new line of lift tables has travels from 36 inches to 144 inches. Capacities range from 2000 lbs. to 12,000 lbs. with platform sizes up to 66 inches by 98 inches. Electric hydraulic power units are internal 2 horse power or external 5 horse power. The units have lifetime lubricated bearings at all pivot points to eliminate the need for greasing or oiling, chrome plated axles and shafts to inhibit rusting, and Advance’s exclusive centering pads to extend equipment life.These lift models are ideal for applications where you need a high lift, but don’t have the space for a single scissors assembly, which requires a much longer platform than the multi-stage platforms. These units are used to transfer loads between elevations and for machine feeding applications.


• Min. Platform Size: 42 x 80 in. • Max. Platform Size: 54 x 104 in. • Max. End Capacity: 6,000 lbs. • Loading Side Capacity: 6,000 lbs. • Baseframe Size: 42 x 75 in. • Lowered Height: 31.25 in. • Raised Height: 175.25 in. • Approx. Speed Up: 84 sec. • External Motor: 5 HP • Shipping Weight: 3,550 lbs.

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