New Line of Protective Cases


UK International, renown for its dependable high quality equipment cases which protect valuable equipment under the most extreme conditions, has launched into the industrial and public safety market a new collection of cases designed to fulfill the unique needs of professional users. The UltraBox™ has been engineered to take protective cases into a new field. Traditionally professional users have opted for small hard side cases that were designed for recreational users and not the professional in mind. “The belief amongst the professional community is that the competitive small cases currently on the market are all that is available”, said Walter Kaihatu, President of UK International, “but the trade-off has been the lack of any real protective value. These cases are marketed to the recreational community and possess no ability to absorb and protect against mild to hard impacts and are, at best, only water-resistant- not waterproof. It is rare that gear in the professional markets experiences just gentle bumps and soft springtime rain drops. With all the new instrumentation and important medical, safety and rescue gear you need more than just a mild protection against sudden downpours and accidental whacks,” said Kaihatu. This new line of smaller cases, customized to fit the unique needs of the professional, will have the same innovative features as the company’s larger case lines which were launched earlier this year. - the UltraCase® and LoadoutCase™ lines. The UltraBox™ collection is made of the same UKtekmat 1.0™ material - UK's proprietary non-corroding engineering grade ABS plastic blend, making the new line as indestructible and durable as its larger counterparts as well as incredibly light weight. The UltraBox™ line will feature two style configurations: Clear Lid with Solid Base and Solid Lid with Solid Base, and be available in six different sizes. The series also has the UK proprietary mechanical pressure relief valve which insures easy opening after altitude or temperature change. With its o-ring seal the UltraBox is waterproof, airproof and moisture proof - providing the ultimate in light weight protection.


• SIZE: 9.11 L x 5.9 W x 4.25 D inches • Internal Size: L x W x D inches
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