New Linear Axis LIRAX-M With Direct Linear Actuation


SCHUNK introduces a new series linear axis, LIRAX-M LD, designed for assembly automation and for handling weights up to 20kg (45 lb.). The LIRAX-M-LD is constructed out of a drown drawn aluminum profile that has integrated roller guides and is actuated by an efficient linear motor. The lightweight profile gives the LIRAX-M-LD a standard stroke length of up to 2,000mm.

The LIRAX-M-LD axis modules are available in two different designs. The user can choose between a signal-drive slide with feed forces of 50 N (11 lbf) to 300 N (68 lbf), or a twin-drive slide which will double the feed force to 100 N (22 lbf) and 600 N (136 lbf) correspondingly. With the linear motor and roller guides, the LIRAX-M-LD provides for impressive acceleration of 70 m/s2 (230 ft/s2) which is seven times the acceleration of gravity and speeds of up to 5 m/s (16 ft/s). With this high acceleration and speed, the LIRAX-M-LD axis is able to hold a repeat accuracy of £ 0.01mm (.0004”).

Many applications formerly actuated by a rotating cam are now being designed and equipped with the superior technology of the linear motor like that in the LIRAX-M-LD modules. With the high speeds and accelerations of the LIRAX-M-LD has almost no wear, resulting in the longest possible service life.


• Power supply[V] : 4.75 to 5.25 • Current input[mA] : approx. 30 • Power consumption[W] : 0.5 • Maximum travel speed[m/s] : 5 • Maximum travel speed[m/s] : 5 • Ambient temperature[°C] : 0 to +50 • Maximum speed of reference pulse[m/s] : 0.1 • Outputs A, B, A–, B–[µm] : Sinusoidal A, B, signal period 1000 • Phase displacement A/B, A–/B–[°] : 90 • Connection : 15-pin miniature Sub-D • Anti-interference class : 3, to IEC 801 • Mark of conformity : CE • External, alternating magnetic field : < 30 gauss on the magnetic tape • Protection class : IP 67 to DIN VDE 0470 • Distance between tape/sensor[mm] : 0.1 to 0.4 • With matching resistor[Ω] : B 0 = 120 • Accuracy class of tape[mm] : 0.01

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