The LE100/110 high accuracy linear series were designed to simplify measurement of liquid levels in single and multiple chemical baths or as a pressure sensor. The 1/16th DIN compact microprocessor based unit has a built-in back pressure sensor capable of measuring levels up to 1000mm. The front panel display features two digital readings for actual level and set value, up to eight level set points, and four push buttons for setting the unit. While in operation it automatically compensates for changes to specific gravity while providing reports of the bath’s current status. Empty adjustment, span adjustment, and automatic specific gravity computation can all be accomplished with a single touch set-up. The built-in linearizer compensates for variations in tank shapes from the simple to complex by using up to 11 adjustment points. The LE100/110 series displays units such as mm, %, l, ml, Pa, KPa. Repeatability is +/- 0.3% of full span. Sampling time on the unit is 0.2 seconds. The LE110 with differential pressure offers a built-in orifice. It can be used in semi-enclosed tanks whose internal pressure varies.

These instruments are ideal for both the end-user and OEM markets for applications that include semiconductor cleaning equipment, processing tanks, laboratory equipment, test stands, etching systems and other processes requiring accurate measurement of chemical liquid level.


• Number of inputs : 1 point • Input medium : Non-corrosive gas • Input pressure range : 0 to 9.8 kPa • Zero point revision range : ± 5.0% of full span • Sampling time : 0.2 sec • PV digital filter : 1 to 100 sec (No filter when setting 0) • (First order lag filter) • Number of set points : 6 points ( 8 points optional) • Setting range : Same as units and range. • Setting resolution : Same as PV. (See Units and range table) • Input display : 7 segments LED (4 figures, green, height : 7.6 mm) • Set display : 7 segments LED (4 figures, orange, height : 7.6 mm) • Action display : Point LED (green, OUT1 to 8) • Unit display : Point LED (green, mm, %, l, ml, Pa, kPa) • Number of outputs : 1 to 6 points (1 to 8 points optional) • Output action : Process high, Process low, Deviation high, Deviation low • Setting range : Same as input range. • Deviation setting range : -10 to 10 mm • Differential gap : 0.0 to 10.0% of span • Output timer : 0 to 600 sec. • Hold action : ON / OFF settable • Interlock : Settable independently for each output • Output type : Selectable for each output either for ON or OFF at operation • Output : Open collector output 24V DC 50 mA • Supply voltage : 21.6 to 26.4V DC (Rating 24V DC) • Power consumption : Less than 130 mA • Memory backup : Backed up by EEP-ROM o Data retaining period : Approx. 10 years • Insulation resistance : More than 20MΩ (500V) between measured o terminals and ground terminal o More than 20MΩ (500V) between power o terminals and ground terminal • Dielectric voltage : 1000V AC for one minute between measured o terminals and ground terminal o 1200V AC for one minute between power o terminals and ground terminal • Power failure : A power failure of 30 ms of less will not affect o the control action. • Weight : Approx. 150g • Ambient temperature : 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) • Ambient humidity : 45 to 85% RH • Operating environment : Free from corrosive and flammable gas and dust.
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