The family owned and operated LA-CO Industries, a diversified manufacturer of the Markal brand, continues to offer customers the most wide-ranging line of industrial marking tools with the introduction of the new and improved Valve Action Paint Marker. Designed from the inside out to better meet 21st century industry demands, the Markal line of Valve Action Paint Markers now feature faster drying, low chloride, Xylene-free paint, as well as a tough new nib and convenient ClipGrip cap, to increase marking performance while eliminating environmental and regulatory issues that may exist with other paint marking products.
The new Valve Action Paint Marker is equipped with an improved “flowmatic” valve that releases paint on demand for smooth, continuous use. This innovative enhancement to the line leaves permanent, durable and weather, water and UV-resistant marks on dry, wet or oily surfaces, including metal, wood, plastic, glass, rubber, Styrofoam, paper and cardboard. With a new, xylene-free paint formula, Valve Action Paint Markers avoid concerns raised by California Proposition 65, EPA HAPS or the SARA 313 compliance. Available in 14 colors that provide variety as well as organizational aid on any job, Valve Action is also low in chlorides and halogenated compounds, eliminating the need for a separate marker within the stainless steel fabrication and nuclear power industries. The new, faster drying paint also reduces smears so that users can almost always immediately handle marked items, increasing efficiency on a wide variety of tough, industry applications such as parts identification, quality control marking, layout and cut lines and color coding.  
With a more durable 1/8-inch thick nib, Valve Action markers can mark on rougher surfaces than conventional nibs, creating both fine-line and bold, thick marks that remain visible from long distances. To make the most of every marker, only the Valve Action line offers replaceable tips as well as a “Vapor-lock cap” that tightly seals the nib in order to prevent tip dry-out. A ClipGrip cap offers convenient pocket storage for quick use on the job while a new, stronger crimped barrel design prevents leakage.
“LA-CO has a 75-plus year tradition of knowing the ins and the outs of the industry and seeking innovation to increase performance on the job,” states Daryl Warren, Marketing Manager for the Industrial Division of LA-CO/Markal. “The new and improved Valve Action Paint Marker is a perfect example of reinventing an already powerful product, from the paint formula to the marker design, so that it continues to meet today’s tough standards.”  
Valve Action can mark within -50 degrees and 150 degrees Fahrenheit and is part of a broad family of Markal liquid paint markers including Pro-Wash®, Pro-Line®, Pro Max®, Ball
Paint Marker® and Dura Ball®.
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