New, Loop-Powered Digital Pressure Gauge


American Sensor Technologies, Inc. (AST) announces a new addition to its product line – the AccuGauge AG200. This media-isolated, digital pressure gauge offers a 4–20mA output signal complete with a large LCD display. Utilizing AST’s Krystal Bond™ Technology, the AG200 provides the quality and performance of an AST sensor, with the additional benefits of a local readout.

The AG200 can display each of the following measuring units with the push of a button: psi, bar, kg/cm, ATM, inches H20 and Hg. The gauge also offers the option to view the 4-20mA output signal on the LCD display. By utilizing the “Test” button, the user can evaluate the loop current to ensure the system is set up correctly, as well as to adjust the current in two milliamp increments. Through the use of selecting a pressure reference, the AG200’s factory set calibration points and/or output can be reset or adjusted through a few simple steps and the factory settings can be restored at any time.

This digital pressure gauge will operate in temperatures that range from -10° to 70°C (14° to 158°F) and can be stored safely in –40° to 65°C (-40° to 150°F) temperatures. The AG200’s loop current update rate is 32 times per second along with a display update rate of 3 times per second. Additionally, the digital pressure gauge is supplied with 7.5 to 32VDC power and offers reverse polarity protection. A “Low-Loop Icon” will be displayed if the minimum power requirements are not met. The AG200 provides <+/-0.5% BFSL, including non-linearity, hysteresis and non-repeatability. Pressure ranges from 0-50 to 1,000 psi are available. The AG200 is rated for over 100 million pressure cycles and is built to withstand 5x burst pressure.

The AccuGague (AG200) can be used in a variety of applications including process controls, HVAC, test stands and data loggers. The standard fittings available for this loop-powered gauge include ¼” NPT male and 1/8” NPT female in order to provide flexibility during installation. Each gauge is supplied with a mini-DIN43650C electrical connection so the AG200 can be installed independently from the wiring.


• Accuracy1- < ± 0.5% BFSL • Stability (1 Year)- ±0.25%FS (typ) • Overange Protection- 2X Rated Pressure • Burst Pressure- 5X or 20,000 psi whichever is less • Pressure Cycles- >100 Million • Temperature Operating - -10°C to 70°C (14°F to 158°F) • Storage - -40°C to 65°C (-40°F to 149°F) • Thermal Limits - Compensated Range • 0°C to 55°C (32°F to 131°F)- • Temp. Comp. Zero- <±1.5% of FS (<+/- 3.0% for 0-25 PSI) • Temp. Comp. Span- <±1.5% of FS
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