New Low Cost 50mm Hollow Shaft Encoder


RENCO ENCODERS INC. announces the RCH50 hollow-shaft encoder which combines ease of installation with high performance in a new cost-effective package.

The foundation of this product is a custom Opto-ASIC supporting incremental encoder line counts up to 4096 as well as outputs for commutation of brushless servo-motors. The commutation signals have been implemented with precision optical logic to provide accurate switch points for smooth and efficient motor operation at any pole count.

The internal bearings and flexible stator coupling make installation on any motor absolutely hassle-free. High frequency response, robust construction, and the ability to operate in high temperatures allow the motor encoder package to reach higher levels of performance than possible with alternative technologies.


• Operating Temp -30° to 115°C • Excursion Limits: • Storage Temp -40° to 125°C • Shock 100 G’s for 6 mS duration • Vibration 25 to 2000 Hz @ 20 G’s • Humidity 85%/85°C non-condensing • IP Rating IP40 with closed cover • Moment of Inertia 27.7 g-cm2 • (Max.) for 10mm Hub/Glass Disk • Weight 73 g [2.57 oz] (Max.) with 10mm Hub/Glass Disk • Base & Cover PET 530 • Disc Material Metal 0.04mm THK TYP for < 2048 resolutions • Glass 1mm THK TYP for > 2500 resolutions • Hub Material Stainless Steel • Shaft Max End Play ±0.254mm [±0.010"] • Shaft Run Out 0.025mm [.001"] TIR • Mounting Hardware • Metric hub sizes are supplied with 2x M2.5 x 6mm screws • English hub sizes are supplied with 2x #4-40 x 1/4" screws • Signals Incremental plus optional Commutation • Input Voltage 5.0 VDC ± 10% Single or Dual Supply • Current 180mA (Max.) @ 5 VDC (LD/LD) • Output Format A/B in phase quadrature. INDEX width & location gated with respect to data • Output Type LD = AM26C31 20 mA Source or Sink Max. • VO = Open Collector 4 mA Sink Min. • VC = Open Collector w/ 2K Ohm pull-ups 4mA Sink Min. • Output Logic Levels Logic 0 = 0.5 V Max, Logic 1 = 2.5 V Min. • Operating Frequency 300 kHz
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