New LS04 Air Valve Series: Ideal Flow Rates in Small Sizes for Assembly Tasks


The new LS04 pneumatic valve series from Rexroth sets itself apart with small dimensions of only ten millimeters width and a flow rate of 200 l/min (0.2Cv) up to a maximum of 330 l/min (0.33Cv). Thus, this series exactly fits the requirements for most applications in assembly applications, as well as for numerous handling tasks. With the LS04, Rexroth has rounded out its range of pneumatic valves with high levels of function and reliability.

The LS04 series comes in three different designs: a mini valve with optimized dimensions and a flow rate of 200 l/min (0.2Cv), a standard valve with 250 l/min (0.25Cv) and a valve terminal system with a flow rate of 330 l/min (0.33Cv). All valve variants are made of high strength polymer and are especially light. The sealing system is the same as that already used in the proven HF04 valve series from Rexroth. The LS04 features integrated push-in fittings for inch or metric tubing. The electrical connections for the three types varies: the inline single valves are equipped with an M8 connector or standard connector and the valve terminal system has a multi-pin connection that can be used to control up to 24 coils. Users can implement mixed configurations with single and double solenoid or double 3/2-way valves. Additionally, users can create different pressure zones or supply circuits in the valve terminal system using separators that can be positioned anywhere, making it possible to flexibly adapt the configuration to individual demands. Another advantage is that the plug-in style valves can be exchanged easily and quickly, without interfering with the electrical connections. Last but not least, the system can be expanded at a later point with two more valve positions.

In spite of its small dimensions, the maintenance-free, compact mini valve in the LS04 series covers the entire needs of modern valve technology for flows of up to 200 l/min (0.2Cv). As a 5/2-way valve, it takes care of the most common valve functions and can be operated with lubricated or non-lubricated compressed air. This also applies to the standard valve, particularly with the double 3/2 function. Users in handling technology can also directly mount the LS04 on moving parts, thanks to its low weight. Even vacuum applications can be implemented with this valve, as it uses an external pilot air supply.
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