New Microgage 2D & Laser Right Angle


Pinpoint Laser Systems® is introducing a brand new Microgage 2D Factory Alignment Kit for precision measuring and alignment of roll and web lines, CNC cutting and milling equipment, stamping presses, injection molding machines, extrusion systems, and other production equipment. Manufacturing equipment is easily checked and aligned for improved operating efficiency and reduced downtime with this new dual axis Microgage system. The 90-Line Right Angle takes the reference laser beam from the Microgage 2D and turns it precisely 90 degrees for squaring machinery and equipment. Common applications include setting parallel tracks and adjusting machine rails, aligning web rollers, idlers, and reels, checking gantry travel and position, monitoring and adjusting machine tools, and many other geometric alignment tasks.

The 90-Line Right Angle is built with a durable housing for holding precision optical elements that redirect the laser beam. The exiting laser reference beam is square to the incoming beam within 0.0006 degrees, or equivalent to 0.008 inch over a distance of eighty feet. The housing has several adjustments, allowing the square exiting beam to rotate through a full plane. The beam can be adjusted with a precision rotary mount, and the 2-axis stage mount makes positioning the 90-Line a snap. The 90-Line is machined from solid, aluminum and is protected with a hard, anodized coating.
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