NEW MicroSmart Pentra – The fastest micro controller in its class


Sunnyvale– Feel the power! IDEC Corporation has just announced the industry’s fastest micro controller, the MicroSmart Pentra. With a new Logic Engine that can process basic instructions in just 0.056µs, this newest generation MicroSmart blows away the competition.

The MicroSmart Pentra encompasses power, performance, precision and flexibility! IDEC is excited to produce a micro controller that can satisfy the needs of all our customers — more memory for programs; field upgradeable firmware to keep your controller updated with new features; and up to seven communication ports for your bar code reader, printer, Ethernet connection, modem or RS232C-compatible devices. This powerful micro controller will even reduce your development time dramatically. Imagine no boards to build and maintain, no approvals to get, no spare parts necessary, and it’s all possible with a state-of-the-art, cost-effective and reliable IDEC PLC.

Besides being available in a traditional “brick” design — 10, 16, or 24 I/Os — and slimmer book type — 16 or 32 I/Os —, the MicroSmart Pentra can be customized to your requirements using various add-on modules. Additional features include 32-bit data processing, floating point math, built-in Modbus master/slave, a maximum of 512 I/Os, built-in 100kHz high speed counters and 100kHz pulse outputs, a 62.4kB programming capacity, online editing, up to 56 analog points and more than enough timers, counters, internal relays and data registers to enhance any application.

In conjunction with the release of the MicroSmart Pentra, IDEC has upgraded its WindLDR programming software to version 5.0. With a user-friendly interface and great features such as online editing, simulation mode, a custom monitor dialog box and more, this software is easy to program and debug, as well as maintain. WindLDR 5.0 can be used on the entire range of IDEC PLCs and is available in five different languages.
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