New Model 810-APS - Automatic Parts Sorting Scale System


Parts Sorting Scale System may save automotive suppliers penalty fees.
The (New) Model 810-APS Parts Sorting Scale System, sorts based on pre-programmed weight tolerances. Several models are offered for parts ranging in size from .001 lb to 1.000 lb. The system is capable of sorting 1200 parts per hour.

The system is manufactured by Sterling Scale Company, Southfield, MI. The sorter will compare the weight of a part to the weight that is stored in the memory and will then rotate to distribute the part to an “Accept or Reject” bin.
The sorter can be used to identify stampings that are missing nuts or pins as well as other components that may be out of view and therefore undetectable by other types of sorting devices.

In operation, parts are fed to a slotted barrel, which is mounted on a high precision scale. The part weight is checked against the stored weight value and then rotated in the direction of the appropriate bin. The system will count only the good parts.

Stack lights and audible alarms can be added to notify the operator of a bad part or when the count reaches a pre-set amount.
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