New Motion Controller Enables Picometer Positioning Resolution


PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. — a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning and piezo-based precision motion-control equipment for bio-nanotechnology, photonics and semiconductor applications — introduces the new E-755 ultra-high-resolution motion controller. The controller is designed to drive NEXLINE® linear motor actuators and enables the combination of long travel ranges and picometer resolution.

Features & Advantages:

  • Special Control Algorithms for NEXLINE® PiezoWalk® Nano Drives
  • 32-Bit Digital Filters, 24-Bit DAC Resolution, Integrated Piezo Amplifiers
  • Fully Programmable Low-Pass and Notch Filters
  • Non-Volatile User Settings and Last-Position Data

Typical Applications: Nanotechnology, Nano-Imprint, Semiconductor & Data-Storage Test & Production Equipment, Nanomanipulation, Bio-Technology.

About NEXLINE® Linear Motor Actuators: NEXLINE® is a patented high-force, ultra-high-precision linear motor actuator developed to bridge the gap between micro- and nanopositioning technology. The highly reliable, all-ceramic NEXLINE® drives have won a technology award from the semiconductor community and are ideally suited for static and dynamic high-precision positioning of high loads. PI currently offers 3 standard Nexline actuators (N-110, N-214, N-215) for closed- and open-loop operation with maximum loads up to 60 kg.

Controller Features Linearization, 24 Bit D/A Converters, Picometer Resolution
The new E-755 NEXLINE® motion controller combines sophisticated control algorithms, high-end 32-bit digital filters and output drivers with extremely low-noise, 24-bit D/A converters. In closed-loop operation, outstanding linearity, within 0.001% over the full travel range, is achieved by polynomial linearization.

Closed-Loop and Open Loop Operation, Dithering Mode
NEXLINE Controllers can be run in closed-loop and open-loop mode. They provide an input for the nanometer precision incremental linear encoders that are integrated in standard NEXLINE® actuators. Due to the low-noise, 24 bit D/A converters, the E-755 controllers can provide picometer level resolution in the highly-dynamic short-range / dithering mode that the actuators support.

Software Support
The E-755 controllers come with an extensive software package including LabVIEW drivers for simple and flexible automation of nanopositioning tasks.


• Axes – 1 • Processor - DSP 32-bit floating point, 50 MHz • Sensor channels – 1 • Servo update time - 0.2 ms • Sensor sampling time - 0.1 ms • Dynamic cycle time - 0.2 ms • Servo characteristics - P-I, notch filter • Sensor type - Incremental sensor • Amplifier channels – 4 • Output voltage - -250 to +250 V • Peak output power per channel - 5.5 W • Average output power per channel - 3 W, limited by temperature sensor • Peak current - 44 mA • Average current per channe - l25 mA, limited by temperature sensor • Current limitation - Short-circuit-proof • Resolution DAC - 24 bit • Communication interfaces - RS-232 • Operating temperature range - 5 to 50 °C • Overtemp protection - Deactivation at 70 [sup]°[/sup]C • Dimensions - 264 x 260 x 47 mm • Mass - 2.3 kg • Operating voltage - 24 V (power supply included)
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