New Multipacking Technology has 3 Major Capabilities, Flexibility


PDC International Corporation, a leading manufacturer of tamper-evident packaging and shrink sleeve labeling machinery for consumer and other products, has introduced the R-300 Multipacking System. The R-300 is versatile in that it configures in three distinct and important ways: as a multipacker, as a shrink labeler, and as a combination multipacker / shrinklabeler for individual products. Systems can be set up for shrink label projects, and when twin packs are needed, product can be recirculated, twin packed through the machine and shrink tunnel and packed off. Systems can be set up off-line, for multipacking on an “as needed” basis. PDC Multipackers accommodate rigid packages, cartons, bottles, cans and special shapes. Systems engineered for pharmaceutical products adapt easily to boxes, bottles and blister-packs. These systems are equally suitable when packages are identical, and when they are different in type and size, such as when introductory offers are packaged with standard product. Multipacking using the R-300 produces high product visibility, with the shrink sleeve a powerful tool for marketing the products as an appealing and convenient unit. Printed sleeves also eliminate the need to orient the product within the pack and cover individual bar codes, avoiding incorrect scanning. For difficult applications the R-300 is integrated with special product handling that groups and orients the products in dual counter-rotating timing screws, then hands them off to servo-controlled gripper belts. This allows precise product handling and best-possible presentation of the packages for sleeving. Optional features include modules for imparting precise vertical and horizontal perforation, cutoff registration, stainless steel construction and componentry, and splice-on-the-fly accumulators. Auxiliary equipment that can be supplied with the R-300 includes conveyors, shrink tunnels and integral inspection modules. R-300 systems have the substantial advantage of running thinner gauge material, 1.5 to 2 mils (40 to 50 micron) at high speeds, over extended periods. PETG, PVC, OPS and PLA films (including freezer grades) are all well-suited for R-300 application. Operators can switch efficiently between jobs, thanks to PDC’s proprietary tool-less changeover. Like all PDC equipment, the R-300 Series uses off-the-shelf components to minimize the costs of maintenance over time. Systems are fully enclosed, with static eliminators, and available zero-access guarding.
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