New NanoTrace Moisture Analyzer


Woburn, MA.. Delta F, the leader in oxygen and moisture analysis technology, today released the DF-745 Nano Trace Moisture Analyzer. The DF-745 offers a Low Detection Limit (LDL) of 2 ppb for applications that don't require the most demanding detection limits. The DF-745 provides an economic alternative to higher detection analyzers, like Delta F's flagship DF-750 product which has an LDL of 200 ppt.

The DF-745 uses the Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) technology to achieve high sensitivity, drift free operation, high accuracy, unparalleled performance, and low maintenance with no recalibration. It features:

• Accuracy: greater of ±3 % of reading or ±1 ppb

• Speed of response (typically) 10 minutes

• Upset recovery time of <5 minutes

• Range 0-20 ppm

The DF-745 is perfect for rack mount configuration or use on a mobile cart. It is ideal for applications that include checking gas distribution system integrity, process troubleshooting, monitoring bulk gas supplies to LCD plants or fabs, gas plant control, and QA.

Like all Delta F products, the DF-745 is covered by comprehensive assistance for a broad array of application problems including measurement of semiconductor high purity gases. The DF-745 can be configured for a wide range of outputs for data collection and process control systems. An optional safety system is available for hydrogen use.

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