New Pacesetter™ AC Motor Speed Controls


To complement its large selection of inverter-duty, variable speed AC gearmotors, Bodine Electric Company is pleased to announce the introduction the new Pacesetter™ models 2994 and 2998, 3-phase AC Motor speed controls. They are designed to drive 230 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz, inverter-duty, 3-phase gearmotors and motors ranging from 1/8 HP to 1 HP (746 watts). Both controls operate from a single-phase 115 or 208/230 VAC line voltage. The model 2994 is housed in a NEMA-4X / IP-65 rated enclosure for superior protection in harsh environments. This new control is designed for industrial or food processing conveyor systems, feeders, and pumps, and outdoor applications. The model 2998 is housed in a NEMA-1 / IP40 enclosure for more basic environmental protection. It is suitable for applications such as packaging equipment, conveyor systems, and many other industrial applications. The model 2994 features a multifunction keypad that allows the user to easily reprogram its functions and change its operating parameters with a touch of a button. A 4-digit LED display instantly provides the operator with critical information about the control, including frequency, voltage, motor current, or motor speed. Six LED indicators show the control status and operating mode. The new stock model also features an on/off switch and speed potentiometer built right into the front panel of the control. Advanced protection features prevent motor overload with RMS current limit, short circuits, and AC inrush at startup. Built-in sensors shut down the control if the AC line input voltage goes above or below the operating range. Input transient suppression absorbs power spikes to protect the control. Model 2994 is cULus marked and CE approved (a line filter is built in), and the unit is RoHS compliant. For applications that don't require a feature packed digital drive, Bodine also introduces the new, lower cost model 2998 NEMA-1 / IP-40, basic AC motor speed control. This control is simple to operate and requires no programming. Motor horsepower, AC line input voltage, and output frequency are jumper selectable. Advanced protection features are identical to the model 2994. The control is UL and CE certified with built-in RFI (EMI) filter for applications worldwide. This new stock model also features an on/off switch, forward-stop-reverse switch, and speed potentiometer, built right into the front panel of the control.
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