New Parallel Actuator For Linear Raising And Lowering Loads


.mk Automation, Inc. announces the new Parallel Actuator designed for linear raising and lowering of loads within conveyor systems, providing parallel, right angle or directional load transfer capabilities to suit varying precision transfer requirements. Installed horizontally to minimize required assembly space, compact design permits easy integration to existing equipment or specified for OEM applications, such as roller conveyor, box conveyor, pallet conveyor and more. The unit operates on air pressure of 90 psi and features mechanical linkages to translate the horizontal cylinder force into vertical stroke. The cushioned cylinder stroke helps ensure smooth actuator operation for lift and lowering operations. Model PHM-1 20 offers load capacity up to 44lbs while Model PHM-A 20 handles loads up to 220 lbs. The vertical lift is up to 3/4”. End plates guide the vertical travel while T-slots of the structural aluminum profiles eliminate the need for special mounting plates. The use of mk structural profiles allows for lengths from 400mm to 1500mm, with longer lengths up to 5 m available upon request. Travel time is 1.5 seconds, cycle times is 4 seconds.
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