New Pocket Surf® PS1


Mahr Federal has introduced a new generation of its highly popular Pocket Surf® portable surface finish gages. Weighing in at just 14 oz, the new Pocket Surf PS1 can measure more than 24 surface finish parameters with its high resolution inductive probe, and offers a host of new features, including memory, USB connectivity, optional PC software, and a large measuring range that enhances the instrument's versatility for a wide range of applications.

"People are beginning to appreciate the value of using different surface finish parameters other than just Ra," said Pat Nugent, Vice President Metrology Systems for Mahr Federal. "With its portability, versatility and economical price point, the Pocket Surf PS1 makes an excellent starter instrument in addition to being a very handy tool."

Pocket Surf portable surface finish gages have enjoyed wide popularity for many years and across many precision applications. The new Pocket Surf PS1 builds on that reputation with a range of new capabilities and features which make it more versatile and easier to operate than ever before.

The unit's large display provides measurement data at a glance and displays all functions in plain text. The most frequently used parameters—Ra and Rz—are directly selectable with more than 22 others easily accessible with scrolling function keys. Cutoff lengths are freely selectable and an integrated calibration master eliminates the need for external calibration. Operation is also simple, with start buttons on both the right and left sides to accommodate either-handed operators.

A large measuring range of up to 350 µm allows a wide versatility of application for the Pocket Surf PS1, including the ability to measure very rough surfaces. The drive unit can be rotated as well as moved longitudinally, and the PS1 can measure upside down, mounted on a surface plate or measuring stand, or even perpendicular to the contact surface with an optional end face vee-block. In addition, the PS1's low 0.7 mN measuring force sets a new tracing force standard.

A wide range of available pick-ups add flexibility. For example, one pick-up can be used to measure inside bores with diameters as small as 3 mm. A dual-skid pick-up can be used for sheet metal and roller surface measurements; another is designed for concave and convex surfaces; and still others for measurements at such difficult to reach points as deep in grooves.

The first instrument of its kind to include a USB interface, the Pocket Surf PS1 can be connected to a PC for transfer and storage of data without requiring the installation of any additional software or drivers. An optional software package is available for viewing profiles and results on a PC. This powerful functionality makes it possible to collect large amounts of measurement data with the handheld device and easily transfer this data later to archival systems for quality system documentation requirements.

The Pocket Surf PS1 comes in its own carrying case with shoulder strap and belt attachment, USB Cable and measuring stand, and provides both USB and MarConnect interfaces. Battery operated, the unit can make up to 500 measurements before recharging, and charges in as little as one hour. The Pocket Surf PS1 is suitable for a wide range of industries, including automotive, shipbuilding, aeronautical engineering and the manufacture of heavy-duty machinery and tool making. It is also an excellent choice for use on processing machinery and during incoming goods inspection.
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