New Precision Electric Screwdrivers: Have Value-Engineered Design for Performance


Two new torque-controlled low voltage DC screwdrivers have been announced by ASG, a division of Jergens, Inc. The new Torq2™ TL-6500 and TL-3000 drivers are for precision assembly work, their clutches automatically stopping when a pre-set torque is reached, eliminating over-and under-tightening. The drivers have a value-engineered design that delivers outstanding performance at a moderate cost.

The drivers are exceptionally lightweight, about 12 oz. versus comparable tools that are up to twice the weight, helping to reduce operator fatigue. Torques are easily adjustable by tightening or loosening the torque-adjusting nut. Torques can be set between 1.5 lbf•in and 17 lbf•in for the TL-6500 and between .25 lbf•in and 4.0 lbf•in for the TL-3000. The tools can be operated at either the High or Low speed settings when connected to ASG’s recently-introduced PS-55 power supply. The TL-6500 will operate at 700 or 500 RPM; the TL-3000 at 1000 or 700 RPM.
An ESD-safe model of each of the tools is available for static-sensitive applications. ASG provides a full line of equipment and systems for precision assembly work, including electric torque-controlled drivers, bits, torque testing equipment and assembly production aides.
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