New Primer Formulation Slashes Floor Installation


In the past, concrete's long cure time meant that a floor overlayment
couldn't be installed until many weeks after the concrete had been
Now, with Stonhard's new Green Concrete Primer., resinous floors can be
installed over concrete as soon as five days after pouring.

This addition to the Stonhard product line. is substantial. It can
significantly cut install time - in some cases, by as much as several
weeks. This time-saving product opens up new opportunities for floor
applications for time-sensitive projects or in facilities where rigid
constraints simply can't allow for a lengthy installation process.

Green Concrete Primer., a two-step, epoxy-based priming system, is
compatible with most Stonhard flooring and lining systems and only
varies from system to system in the application process.

In addition to drastically speeding up the installation process, Green
Concrete Primer. is impervious to water, solvent-free, low odor and, due
to contrasting color coats, is easy to apply and maintain visual control
of uniformity.

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