New RELECO by TURCK C12 interfacer™ and CSS Relays


TURCK Inc. announces the new C12 interfacer™ relay featured in the new "RELECO by TURCK" catalog. The 2-pole changeover contact relay is used for linking PC or PLC logic to machine operation. C12 interfacer relays offer numerous advantages over conventional block, modular terminal strip or socket I/O products that require hours of wiring and potential downtime if a relay fails or needs to be replaced.

The C12 interfacer provides a modular solution with a universal socket to allow both input and output relays with various voltages to be positioned on a DIN rail and replaced individually as needed. The relays also feature a built-in surge suppressor that eliminates the need to specify separate relays for AC and DC applications.

C12 interfacer relays are industrial grade plug-in relays with rugged blade terminals that won’t easily bend or break and feature push-to-test and pull-to-lock latches for trouble-free testing. Further, the relay’s face label includes its electrical configuration, voltage range and wiring diagram to facilitate maintenance ease and efficient control systems. The relay also features a dual status indicator that contains both an LED pilot light and a mechanical flag to indicate output at a glance.

In addition to the C12 interfacer relay, the "RELECO by TURCK" catalog features new CSS relays used for either AC or DC inductive and resistive load switching. The durable CSS-DC relays are ideal when switching up to 50 VDC in heating elements, motors, solenoids or input/output signals on PLCs. CSS-AC relays were designed for use in switching resistors, incandescent lamps and signaling applications.

TURCK is an industry leader providing superior quality sensing, connectivity and network products to help manufacturers improve their automated processes.
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