New Remote Power Reboot Switch


Electro Standards introduces its Model 4404 Remote Power Reboot Switch with 10-BASE-T LAN/WAN Access. This Power Reboot Switch enables the user to cycle power to eight remotely located devices. Equipment prone to lock-up is plugged into the Model 4404’s AC power outlets. The authorized user remotely restarts the connected units by accessing the Model 4404 via a 10-Base-T connection. By simply entering the IP address of the Power Reboot Switch into a Web browser, a graphical representation of the switch can be accessed. The user selects any of eight AC outlets individually, or in groups, and removes and restores power. This allows the selected equipment to re-initiate and resume operation.

No special software is required. The system is secure with required username and password authentication. User privilege level configuration creates users with different authorities. The IP Addressable feature gives authorized users across the LAN or over the Internet access to control the switch.


• Channels - (8) Power Channels • Configuration - Rackmount • Connectors - (8) 115 VAC outlets • Display - Power, Position, LAN presence • Feature - Cycles power to (8) devices • Local Control - System Reset Pushbutton • Remote Control - IP Addressable, 10-BASE-T LAN/WAN
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