New Scrap Collection Cart Permits Rotating On Forklift For Safe, Easy Dumping


Recycling product manufacturer Meese Orbitron Dunne
Co., Ashtabula, Ohio ( introduced the 50P-16S
Scrapasaurus collection cart. Featuring a durable, plastic collection
cart and rugged base set atop three steel fork tubes, the new 50P-16S
Scrapasaurus cart permits forklifts to safely and easily pick up,
transport and lift the cart then rotate it 180 degrees until
completely upside down for emptying into a roll-off, dump truck,
baler, Gaylord or other container. When empty, the innovative cart
may be rolled on six industrial-strength casters for easy scrap
collection and loading.

Devised for collecting and managing scrap metal, plastic, paper,
glass and other materials, the 50P-16S Scrapasaurus cart replaces
labor-intensive, manual handling of heavy, unwieldy scrap items with
a lift truck-based approach that minimizes human contact with the
materials. For scrap haulers, recycling processors and companies with
door trade operations serving the general public, the cart delivers
important improvements in safety and efficiency while also
accelerating the entire collection process.

The new 50P-16S Scrapasaurus cart is rotationally molded of 100%
impact-resistant polyethylene and accommodates payloads weighing up
to 400 lbs. A choice of 16 standard and custom colors is offered
along with permanent, molded-in logos and tracking numbers.

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