New Sealless Non-Metallic Centrifugal Pumps Offer Best-in-Class Design and Performance Reduce bearing failures by eliminating thrust loads


Wanner Engineering introduces Stan-Cor "MK" Series non-metallic centrifugal pumps. Designed to pump the harshest chemicals, these rugged, ANSI sealless pumps offer maximum chemical resistance and feature hydraulically-balanced operation to reduce bearing failures by eliminating thrust loads. They are easy to assemble, and are available in three sizes with 60Hz operation at up to 3500 rpm and 330 gpm, and 50Hz operation at up to 2900 rpm and 62 M3/H.

The MK Series pump casing is constructed of thick, carbon fiber filled Kynar, which eliminates permeation problems common to lined metal casings. Chemical resistant, glass filled case and flange supports provide superior performance and durability compared with painted metal pumps. A unique patented thrust balancing system eliminates axial loads to dramatically reduce wear and heat generated from friction. A dual volute casting design lowers radial bearing loads for longer life and continuous operation up to full flow.

Samarium cobalt magnets provide high torque throughout the temperature operating range of -20°F to 250°F (-28°C to 121°C), and the inner magnet is Kynar (PVDF) encapsulated to eliminate weld seams and potential leakage. The impeller and inner magnet is a two-piece, enclosed assembly. When worn, the impeller can be replaced or trimmed in the field without replacing the magnetic drive, which significantly reduces maintenance and repair costs.
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