New Series CAM Compressed Air Meter


The CAM detects leaks in compressed air systems by using the calorimetric measuring principle. At a rate of 7-10 times more expensive than electrical energy, monitoring compressed air is essential to evaluating tool and equipment efficiency, as well as ensuring longevity. Leaks waste energy and money, and predictive leak detection and repair result in substantial cost savings. For instance, based on an assumption of electricity cost at $0.08/kWh, for 8,760 hours/year operation, where 1cfm = 0.18 kW; one hole of 1/16" diameter (or four holes of 1/32" diameter) at 100 psi would lose 26 cfm over the course of a year. A loss that substantial translates to $3,280 / year lost to energy expenditures.

The CAM offers a quick, accurate readout and is virtually maintenance free. The unit is available in three different process connection sizes: 1/2" NPT, 1" NPT, and 2" NPT, allowing the user to choose the size and range that best suits their needs.


• Service: Compressed air; air quality (see chart on Catalog Page). • Wetted Materials: Stainless steel (304S15), ceramics, glass passivated, PEEK, polyester, fluoroelastomer, anodized aluminum. • Accuracy: Class 141: ±3% of measured value + 0.3% of full scale value; Class 344: ±6% of measured value + 0.6% of full scale value. • Response Time: <0.1 seconds. • Temperature Limit: 32 to 140°F (0 to 60°C). • Pressure Limit: 232 psig (16 bar). • Humidity Limit: 90% RH. • Power Requirements: 19-30 DC. • Output Signal: Output 1: PNP Open Collector: VOUT(max)=30 VDC/ISINK(max)= 250 mA; Output 2: 4-20 mA (scaleable) or PNP Open Collector. • Loop Resistance: 500 ohms. • Current Consumption: <100 mA. • Electrical Connections: 4-pin M12 (micro) cable connection. • Process Connections: 1/2", 1" and 2" NPT. • Display: 4-digit alpha numeric red LED. • Enclosure Rating: IP 65 (NEMA 4X). • Mounting Orientation: Vertical, horizontal, side with pipe length facing left. • Weight: CAM-10: 12.5 lb; CAM-20: 2.35 lb; CAM-30: 4.16 lb. • Agency Approvals: CE.
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