New Series of “Heavy Duty Dumpers”


Advance Lifts, Inc. of St Charles, Illinois has designed a new series of “Heavy Duty Dumper.”

When your dumping application requires a higher duty cycle time or involves sticky commodities Advance Lifts new robust series of heavy duty dumpers are the one to choose. These heavy duty dumpers can tilt up to 135 degrees. The dumper carriages are designed to hold bins and / or carts and can be modified for special containers. We provide extra large side panels for swing arc protection. Advance Lifts manufactures their own double acting cylinders that are machine grade. These cylinders are placed on the outside of the carriage to handle loads at lower pressures. Unlike our standard dumpers that have a 2HP intermittent power unit, our heavy duty dumper comes standard with a 5HP continuous duty power unit. These dumpers are designed for tough applications.
The heavy duty dumpers are available in 2,000 lb, 4,000 lb and 6,000 lb capacities, with dump heights of 36”, 48” and 60”’. If you require a dumper that is outside these parameters, Advance Lifts can custom design one for you. Advance Lifts also offers dumpers in stainless steel or epoxy finishes for food grade applications, as well as, many other options such as electric photo eyes, soft or hard lip extensions, warning bell, flashing lights.


• 5 HP Motor • Speed: 53 seconds • Capacity: 6,000 lbs • Carriage Dimension: 54 x 48 in. • Overall Dimension: 78 x 103 in. • Carriage Height: 79 in. • Arc Height: 137 in. • Arc Width: 99 in. • Shipping Weight: 2,300 lbs
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